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Oh man. I can only imagine what your kiddo is like these days, because I think about what India would be doing right about now ... best to draw the veil of circumspection over that visual. *shudder*


No cross-examination? No notes? Looks BORED? That would make me more nervous than if he were at the throats of your witnesses.

And yes, I can imagine that this business is wearing thin with The Bird.


Sending good good vibes...


Longtime reader, infrequent commenter...

I would not worry about the behavior of the defense attorney. Most likely, he is under orders to see this thing through to the end because his client has very little incentive to settle at this point and is just hoping you will accept a lowball settlement offer or somehow end up with a relatively low damages award.

It's also possible that he believes putting up more of a fight at this stage will just drive up the damages award by generating more sympathy for your side (big company picking on little guy and all that).

And ineffective assistance of counsel is only a potential appellate issue in criminal cases.

You probably know all of this already...just thought it might be helpful to know that another lawyer shares the same perspective (even thought it is based on the limited information I read here).

Best of luck!


can't believe he's going to the mat on this. well, fuck him, I guess.

Fingers crossed...


i'm holding a thought for you. hang in there!

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