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Did Tugboat's doc testify today too, or just the expert (not to denigrate the expertise of Tugboat's doc by referring to the other doc as the "expert")?


Expert in the morning. Actual in the afternoon.

We like the 1-2 Punch effect.


Good to hear things are going "smoothly". There's always lots of finger pointing. My father's attorney had made a comment about 10 years ago to him, that I keep with me ... The law happens, justice somtimes. I am sending out all the good thoughts I can that this will be one of the sometimes.



Thanks for the updates! I checked my RSS feed tonight specifically to see if there was any news. Crossing my fingers and sending good vibes your way. You and Tugboat deserve a break.


It would be wonderful if everyone could agree and let you all go home happy. I'll be sending out good thought to that effect. Hope the one-two punch brought them to their knees.

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