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Peggy Lucas

they will offer you a structured settlement, which is a wise for long term planning. MAKE SURE you are looking at the net number to be paid to YOU - after WC payments and lawyer fees are deducted. Secondly, listen closely to your lawyer's advice. He should keep it on even keel for you with all the emotions flying around.


I am cautiously optimistic.

Did I tell you that I was a juror in a civil trial last year? It was a medical malpractice case that involved a death (so serious stuff) and since that experience is so fresh in my mind I can paint a very vivid imaginary picture of what is going on in your courtroom. It was tense being a juror for a case like that, and I imagine that you and Tugboat are wound pretty tightly from all of this. Here's hoping for a speedy resolution that gives you what you guys need.


I'm hanging on every post. Truly.

And I've got every single appendage crossed.


Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you and your family.
Good thoughts being sent your way :)


Here from www.redstapler23.blogspot.com. I've spent time in your archives and seriously I hope this is resolved for you quickly. This amount of stress is phenomenal and the fact that you've kept your humor and your sanity enough to write posts about it and to actually laugh at some of the shenanigans speaks volumes about you.

I'm hoping for the very best outcome possible and that you are awarded or offered what you and TB need to be able to live your lives in peace and without worry over his medical needs.

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