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Oh, Madge -- my fingers, legs, arms, hair (basically, everything on my body that can be crossed) -- all crossed for you and Tugboat. Here's hoping for a speedy and successful end to your long period of waiting.



how many times can I hit refresh today and not blow up your typepad account?

sweet pete, I hope you get what you need today.


Ditto Jen - you're on constant refresh over here.


Hi. I'm new to your blog. I found you through a series of links through other blogs. I couldn't even tell you which one I started on.

Anyway...I have been through what you're going through now. (Could I use the word "through" a little more here?) It was a personal injury thing based on a company's negligence and has had long lasting effects on my life. I know how you feel like you're in limbo. I understand how infuriating it can be dealing with the court system and the frustration at insurance company defense attorneys. To have them offer crazy, ridiculous settlement numbers and just think why are you wasting my time. I know it must be hard to finally think you are going to get to tell your story to a jury and then, not.

I know it sounds cliche to say hang in there but HANG IN THERE. These defense attorneys have underestimated your toughness. They were hoping you'd give up a long time ago. Well, they were wrong. Try not to worry. I'll be thinking of you and checking back so keep us posted.

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