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Oh my God! Congratulations! I just posted a comment and when I refreshed, Oh my God!! Just so fabulous! What relief you must feel! Go out and have a celebration tonight!


Aieee!!! I can't believe it!! I ... can't believe it!!!!

NOW GO GET THAT HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woman with Kids

YAY! That's fabulous!

Big deep breath of relief for you guys.


Congratulations! I am thrilled for all of you!!


i'm so happy for you! you did it!


THANK GOD. I'm so glad it's an amount that's acceptable to you, and that you'll get it right away. SO much better than a jury award that might be tied up in appeals forever, and that you might never end up seeing. Again I say, THANK GOD. I'm so happy for you I could cry. Seriously. Have. Lump. In. Throat.


CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy for you all!!!


Longtime lurker here wishing you and your family multitudes of congratulations! I'm so happy for you!


Holy fucking crap!!!

Go get that dream house!!!

stephanie s

congratulations, your family deserves it. have a wonderful weekend.

relieved for you

Congrats - - great news!


I am thrilled beyond measure for all of you. There is nothing in life like being able to move forward from difficulty. Enjoy basking in the victory and all of your future plans!


Congratulations! I've been following your story for months and when I read on Julie's blog that it was over I almost cried.

Go get that house, lady. You guys so deserve it.


Fucking yeah!


I've been reading your blog since I moved to Maine two years ago (not long after you, too, made the move up North). I check it everyday for an update and have, in the past few weeks, been checking more often to see whether you would finally get what you deserve. Congratulations on the end to your long journey. So sorry that you had to experience any of this at all, but good luck in moving on from here. Be well.


So fucking cool.

It seems a little strange to say congratulations in a situation like this- perhaps it would be better to say "Justice is served". Either way... it's long overdue and well deserved. May your lives be much, much easier now.


Great, Madge. I have been following every word. I hope you have much peace of mind and happiness now that this chapter is over.


Congratulations! That is great news!


What a wonderful way to start the summer. You both must be so relieved and exhausted. And as Lori above said, it's money in your hands and not a jury award that could be appealed and/or reduced. My best to you and to Tugboat, "best Plaintiff witness ever" is a large compliment to be sure.


HUGE sigh of relief.

I am so, so happy for you. You and I have some things to celebrate--let's get on that.


I saw this on Julie's blog and had to come over and say congratulations! What a relief for your whole family.




Congratulations! Big sigh of relief, eh?



Wow, what a huge weight off. I can't even imagine how elated you must be. Huge congrats to you all.


CONGRATULATIONS! Woo-hoo! I've been a long time reader, sometime commenter...I'm so thrilled for you guys! I hope you're able to go back to Maine and make that dream house yours!

Congrats. What a HUGE relief!

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